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We are Kent's largest and best grower of Roses, specialising in mail order deliveries - a service we have been operating for over 50 years. It should hardly come as a surprise that we have a huge selection of roses that you can choose to buy from our vast catalogue.

Visit our dedicated online shop at for details on our potted and bare root rose mail order delivery service. Click on the images below to link to our British Roses website and to purchase products.

A Whiter Shade of Pale

A Whiter Shade of Pale A large flowering hybrid tea rose. Large, strongly scented, well formed spiral type blooms pale white to white in colour are produced repeatedly throughout the summer into the autumn. Foliage is dark green and glossy, clothing the rose abundantly. A strong bushy growing habit. A beautiful addition to any rose garden. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to 90cm in height.

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous ROSE OF THE YEAR 2010. A stunning new variety that produces an abundance of beautifully formed butter yellow blooms throughout the flowering season. An unusual liquorice scent emanates from the sizable clusters of blooms. This rose has a compact habit with plenty of glossy mid green foliage which shows the blooms to a wonderful effect. A perfect bedding rose and well deserved winner of rose of the year. Grows to 80-100cm in height. Good disease resistance. Hardy.

Alberic Barbier

Alberic Barbier A large rambling rose. Small yellow buds open to slightly fragrant, double, flat blooms creamy white in colour. Blooms profusely throughout June and July. Foliage is dark green and glossy often lasting throughout most of the winter. This rose can grow in difficult situations where direct sunlight is unavailable. Looks stunning grown as a pillar. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to over 500cm in height. Prune when the last flowers have finished.


Albertine A large rambling rose. Coppery buds open into medium sized double blooms pink in colour throughout June and July. When in flower blooms have the ability to scent the air. Foliage is reddish when young turning into dark green. The long arching stems ramble over large buildings and through trees. Best grown in a sunny position. Hardy. Spray regularly against disease. Grows to over 500cm in height.

Alec's Red

Alec's Red A vigorous, large flowering hybrid tea rose with an outstanding rich, sweet fragrance. Large blooms of a cherry red colour are produced in abundance throughout the flowering season. Foliage is of a healthy glossy green nature. Strong flowering stem make this rose ideal for cutting and exhibiting. Good disease resistance. Hardy. Grows to 90cm in height.

Amber Queen

Amber Queen ROSE OF THE YEAR 1984. This cluster flowering Floribunda variety bears large, cup shaped, many-petalled blooms in large clusters throughout the flowering season. Amber yellow in colour. Very attractive coppery coloured foliage. A very neat, compact, free flowering variety making this rose the perfect bedding variety. Good disease resistance. Hardy. Grows to 60-80cm in height.

American Pillar

American Pillar A large rambling rose. A remarkable profusion of large trusses of single, deep pink white-eyed blooms with golden yellow stamens are produced throughout June or July. Blooms are followed by an attractive display of large hips. Foliage is dark green and semi glossy. Long arching stems make this rose ideal for rambling through a tree or over a large building. Extremely tough and reliable. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to over 500cm in height.


AphroditeA beautiful nostalgic HT with a compact & bushy habit. Large romantic soft pink cup shaped flowers are long lasting and resistant to rain. Height and spread 80cm x 100cm.

Arthur Bell

Arthur Bell A large flowering Floribunda rose. Large golden yellow blooms are produced in clusters throughout the flowering season. Flowering starts very early in the season into the autumn. These fade to a creamy colour with age. The fragrance of this variety is rarely matched by any other floribunda variety. Dark green, leathery foliage. Good disease resistance. Hardy. Grows to 100cm in height. Climber will grow to 300cm in height.


Ascot Large fragrant double deep red. Flowers from late spring through to autumn. The flowers are borne above dark green foliage on upright thorny stems. Strongly scented.

Audrey Wilcox

Audrey Wilcox Large spiralled cerise pink blooms with a silver reverse petal on strong upright stems. Very strong scent and excellent disease resistance. Blooms prolifically throughout the summer and autumn. Height 90 to 120cm.

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