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We are Kent's largest and best grower of Roses, specialising in mail order deliveries - a service we have been operating for over 50 years. It should hardly come as a surprise that we have a huge selection of roses that you can choose to buy from our vast catalogue.

Visit our dedicated online shop at for details on our potted and bare root rose mail order delivery service. Click on the images below to link to our British Roses website and to purchase products.


VeilchenblauA large rambling rose. An unusual and eye catching variety. Large cluster of lilac-white blooms fading to lilac grey with age are produced en-masse in midsummer. Blooms are semi-double and slightly cupped. Foliage is a healthy light green with a matt look. Best grown on a south facing wall and is ideal for growing as a pillar or up pergolas. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to over 500cm in height.

Velvet Fragrance

Velvet FragranceA large flowering Hybrid tea rose. Beautiful, well-shaped blooms of deep velvet red are produced in large numbers throughout the summer into the autumn. Intensely fragrant old-fashioned style rose. Foliage is dark green and semi glossy. Vigorous upright growing habit. Good rose for bedding. Good disease resistance. Grows to 100cm in height.

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